ViraPro Kids Elderberry Immune Blend 60 Chewables

ViraPro Kids Elderberry Immune Blend 60 Chewables

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Immune Support Made Simple - Every Day, All Year Long.

Healthy kids are happy kids. Give your kids the powerful immune support they need to stay healthy and happy al year long with ViraPro Kids.

Whether your child is heading to indergarten or studying for final exames, ViraPro Kids makes it easy to keep their immune system strong.

This powerful immune blend delivers standardized elderberry along with crucial vitamins and minerals in a delicious tasting chewable tablet. With ViraPro Kids, nourishing a healthy immune system in children ages 4 and up has never been easier. 


The Power of Sambucus - PLUS MORE!

Elderberry - also known as sambucus - has been a recommended immune- supporting botanical for generations. ViraPro Kids blends this standardized ingredient with other nutrients to help keep kids immune systems going strong.

Vitammin A : More effective than beta-carotene, vitamin A provides consistent levels of the vitamin kids need for overall immune defense. 

Vitamin C : An essential vitamin well known for immune benefits throughout the body. 

Vitamin D3 : This critical nutrient supports a robust immune system.

Vitamin E : An antioxidant powerhouse with the full family of tocopherols.

Zinc and Selenium : Essential minerals that are required for a healthy immune response.