Terry Naturally Andrographis and Ashwagandha 60 Capsules

Terry Naturally Andrographis and Ashwagandha 60 Capsules

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2 Powerful Andaptogens : 

Twice the Power for Optimal Health

This herbal combination helps you feel your best by providing a wide range of support: 

Immune : Delivers powerful support for strong immune function.

Stress : Helps you respond better to daily demands so you can stay on task during the day and rest easier at night. 

Energy : Promotes energy levels so you can experience physical and mental vitality. 

Stamina : Helps you stay active longer and supports increased endurance.

Recovery : Supports your body's physical demands and a healthy inflammation response.

Focus : Nourishes your brain's cognitive abilities, focus, and concentration. 


High Potency Ayurvedic Herbs

Andrographis EP80 : Delivers a high level of andrographolides (40 Mg) - the key component that has been researched for effectiveness.

Ashwagandha EP35 : A unique dairy-free process concentrates the key compounds called withanolides - to 7 times the level of ordinary root extracts.