PowerImmune, 60 Capsules

PowerImmune, 60 Capsules

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60 Capsules / 30 Servings

✓ Supports A Healthy Immune System*
✓ May Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Tract Infection*
✓ Supports Both Innate and Adaptive Immunity*
✓ Boosts the Gastrointestinal Immune System*
✓ Helps Stimulate the Activity of Natural Killer Cells*
✓ Promotes healthy energy levels*
✓ Supports a sharp, healthy mind*


PowerImmune is a daily All-In-One scientifically formulated immune support supplement containing a combination of 16 clinically proven ingredients to help support the immune system. PowerImmune includes several vitamins such as A, B12, C, D, probiotics, CoQ10 and a mushroom blend as well as β-glucans and trace elements including zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium that all play important and complementary roles in supporting both the innate and the adaptive immune systems.

The roles that vitamins C and D play in immunity are particularly well elucidated. People deficient in vitamin C are susceptible to severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia and several studies have concluded that vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections in both children and adults. Vitamin D also prevents white blood cells from releasing too many inflammatory cytokines, which happens in severe cases of COVID-19 infection. A very recent study linked vitamin D to low coronavirus death rate (Ilie et al.).

Studies have shown that β-glucans from yeasts, mushrooms or cereals are able to enhance the responsiveness or function of human primary immune cells, eliciting potent immune responses. Strong evidence exists on the immunomodulatory activities of β-glucans highlighting their ability to protect against infections. We use the best quality β-glucan from yeast as well as β-glucans from three different biologically active mushrooms. Research shows that lion’s mane mushroom can boost immunity by increasing the activity of the intestinal immune system. Reishi mushroom was shown to be beneficial in those who are ill as well as healthy people and Cordyceps may serve as an useful anti-inflammatory supplement.

Zinc helps the body’s different defense cells develop and function correctly.  Zinc is important for both the immune system’s rapid first line of defense against invading pathogens, the innate immune system, and the second line of defense, the adaptive immune system. Copper also plays a vital role in the immune system.

Natural killer cells (NK cells) are white blood cells that reject cells infected by viruses. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation increases NK cell activity.

PowerImmune is a comprehensive supplement that even contains probiotics. A review of several randomized controlled trials (Cochrane review) concluded that probiotics were better than placebo in reducing the episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), the mean duration of an episode of acute URTI, antibiotic use and cold‐related school absence.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.