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Around the age of 30, your body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. You feel and see the effects of this collagen deficiency every day in the mirror. As you age wrinkles form, skin dries, hair thins and dulls, nails become brittler, your joints lose flexibility, and your body loses its muscle tone. Aging is collagen loss. But AminoSculpt Sugar-Free can help. AminoSculpt Sugar-Free is the original anti-aging collagen peptide supplement. It is the only Type 1 collagen peptide supplement backed by 30 years of medical use and clinical research and is the first liquid collagen protein with NO sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate. 90% of your body’s collagen is Type 1 – and every serving of AminoSculpt provides you with a high dose of pure, absorbable, dipeptides and tripeptides from Type 1 collagen protein. The amino acids in these peptides are what your body needs to build and maintain healthy collagen, so you can look and feel younger than ever.*

Health Direct's AminoSculpt Sugar-Free Type 1 Liquid Collagen Peptides (Natural Cherry Flavor, 30 Fl Oz, 16,000 mg) | Grass-Fed Collagen Protein Hydrolyzed, Made in USA, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free


What's Better, Bone Broth or Liquid Collagen?

Whole food sources of collagen, like bone broth and gelatin, have become popular. What most people don’t know about them is that they're difficult for the body to digest. “Raw” and “Whole Food” are two things you don’t want your collagen to be. Many people mistakenly think that cooking makes the collagen in bone broth totally digestible. This simply isn’t true. Collagen is such of tough protein that it must be “hydrolyzed” (broken down using enzymes) into peptides to be fully absorbed and used by the body.

Ironically, bone broths and gelatins promoted for gut health may actually cause bloating, digestive issues, and even fatigue. This is because they contain unhydrolyzed whole food collagen, which is poorly absorbed.

A medical-grade liquid collagen peptide supplement like AminoSculpt Sugar-Free is your best choice for high-quality collagen.

  • Multi-Benefit: Healthy weight loss, gut health, healthy hair, skin & nails, healthy joints & sleep.*
  • More Collagen: A clinical-strength dose of 16,000 mg of Type 1 collagen peptides in every serving.
  • Easy to Take: Get high-dose collagen in a tiny liquid serving instead of handfuls of pills or chews.
  • Most Natural: Grass-fed collagen protein, hydrolyzed with fruit enzymes, made in the USA.
  • Clean Formula: Paleo-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, no sodium benzoate.

Formula Notes
  • Pure Collagen: Each serving contains 16 grams of readily usable amino acids from enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen protein. No other protein sources are used.
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis: AminoSculpt is made with natural ingredients and enzymes (not acids like other collagens), so its color, taste, and thickness may vary slightly.
  • Production: AminoSculpt was formulated and is manufactured in the United States.


Reliable Medical-Grade Quality Standards | Tested, Approved, Recommended

102 Million Doses. 35 Years. 4,700 Health Professionals.

AminoSculpt Sugar-Free contains the original medically-used Type 1 collagen peptides. This liquid collagen protein is enzymatically hydrolyzed for maximum absorption, is made from grass-fed collagen and contains only non-GMO ingredients. It's great for weight management, beauty, and joint health.*

The Original Medical-Grade Collagen

AminoSculpt Sugar-Free contains the only Type 1 Collagen backed by over 30 years of medical use and clinical research. These collagen peptides are time-tested and have been used by over 4,700 health professionals including surgeons, doctors, and nutritionists.

Highly Concentrated For Your Health, Convenience & Wallet

Highly Concentrated
AminoSculpt Sugar-Free contains 16,000 mg of collagen peptides in every serving. This is 8 times the collagen per serving found in standard chews, and more than 2 times the collagen per serving of the most popular collagen powder.

Rapidly Absorbed
The dipeptides and tripeptides in AminoSculpt Sugar-Free have low molecular weights; this means your body absorbs them quickly and completely. Better absorption yields better results.

Pure Type 1 Collagen
AminoSculpt Sugar-Free contains only collagen protein and nothing more. Some liquid proteins “spike” their formulas with whey, casein, soy, or free-form amino acids to increase the protein content, we don’t.

Perfectly Hydrolyzed
Unlike most companies, we hydrolyze our own collagen for AminoSculpt Sugar-Free with a proprietary fruit enzyme process that was patented. We’ve perfected this process over the past 30 years, so you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best liquid collagen protein, every time.

Strengthen Your Joints, Bones | Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails | Burn Fat & Promote Weight Loss


Collagen IMPROVES Joints, Bones, and Exercise Recovery...*

Collagen’s exclusive amino acid, Hydroxyproline, plays a primary role in the structure and maintenance of bone and connective tissue. Collagen’s high-nitrogen amino acids also support these, plus tissue repair and recovery.*

One double-blind, randomized study with 200 men and women showed an improvement in joint discomfort in the shoulders, elbows, hands, lumbar spine, hips, and knees in six months.*

Another study conducted at Penn State University showed athletes who suffered from exercise-induced joint discomfort also experienced significant improvements in six months with use of hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Those receiving a placebo didn’t experience these benefits.*



Around the age of 30, we start losing about 1% of our collagen per year...

At the same time, our body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. Excessive stress, alcohol, smoking, sugar, coffee and caffeine, exposure to pollution, and even dieting, exercise, and medications can further damage our collagen. Eventually, we become “collagen deficient.”*

The signs are obvious. We feel and see the effects of this collagen deficiency every day in the mirror. Wrinkles form, skin dries, hair thins and dulls, nails become brittle, joints stiffen, and our bodies lose muscle tone and shape. Without healthy collagen levels, our bodies can virtually fall apart. Aging is collagen loss.*



AminoSculpt first improves the body internally, before more visible physical changes occur.

First Month: Clothes may feel looser and some may notice fat loss (although scale weight may not change). Faster hair and nail growth. Deeper, better sleep. More energy. Joints feel better. Skin feels more supple.*

Second Month: Clothes are looser. Inches and weight are lost (lower scale pounds start occurring). Better muscle and body tone. Softer, smoother skin. Better joint mobility. Improved energy.*

Third Month: Fat loss accelerates with the reduction of inches and pounds. Improved hair and nail quality. Consistent energy. Good sleep. Better body shape and tone.*

Fourth Month-On: Continued improvements and refinements of all the above. Body shape will maintain or continue to improve if needed. Joint improvements become more noticeable and significant.*